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Please click on the products below to purchase a perpetual license without a subscription. Products link to our Renderosity store (our parent company) for purchasing. Please email us at if you have any questions.

Use the links below to get our FREE TRIAL version of 7. The FREE TRIAL version cannot save or export, so any work in the demo/trial mode will be lost.

Blacksmith3D v7.0.6.0 for WIN
Blacksmith3D v7.0.6.0 for MAC

AND NEW TEXTURE TRANSFORMER PACKS (please note: transformations in Free Trial will have watermarks and will be unusable)
M4 To Dusk
M4 To Gen2Male without anatomy
M4 To Gen2Male with anatomy
V4 To Dawn
V4 To Roxie
V4 To Gen2Female

More about Blacksmith3D

Blacksmith3D is a 3D painting and 3D morphing software application for Windows and MAC designed to provide artists and studios with easy to use tools that generate high-end realistic visual results. Blacksmith3D provides artists with tools for seamless 3D painting, complex compositions, and precise detailing so they have the freedom to focus in creating really great art! The software was created in such way that it easily fits into an existing pipeline. In the latest version, the Projection Painting tool has been added. It enables simple integration with your existing favorite 2D painting application with only a few clicks. Simply capture a specific angle of your model in Blacksmith3D - make adjustments in any 2D painting applications, then instantly paint the changes back into Blacksmith3D, even across UV seams and material/map boundaries.

With Blacksmith3D Version 7 - even greater depth and detail can be achieved with virtually *unlimited resolution texture, displacement, and bump map painting. These new additions allow for HD textures where you can really zoom in and achieve precision detail. With high-resolution displacement maps, you can paint across seams and see your results in real time. Adjust strength and direction as you paint, and use Quick Render preview to immediately to see the results. After every brush stroke, what you see is what you get. Easily output the maps instantly to integrate with your rendering application as often as you like. Unlike any other 3D painting or 3D morphing solution, Blacksmith3D offers direct integration with Poser and DazStudio products with its capability to import OBJ, FBX, CR2, PP2 and DUF files along with its abilities to export OBJ, FBX, CR2, MAT and MOR files.

*These tools are only limited by your system's RAM and not by your GPU RAM.

Key Features

  • NEW Hair Creation and Editing tools.
  • NEW Auto Pressure for users who do not use a drawing tablet.
  • NEW Stroke smoothing to automatically smooth out the path of the paint stroke to give a curvier effect without jagged edges.
  • NEW Menus can be turned off with the space bar for a larger viewport workspace.
  • NEW Templates to export and import subsets of your projects when working on similar items like characters, morphs, hair, etc.
  • NEW Auto-Assign Materials for materials that share the same map for common figures (like lips and nostrils after face applied).
  • NEW Fixed Assets: Content Management to store the paths to the commonly used assets for faster load and save times.
  • NEW logging feature to store info in a Blacksmith3D file to help identify possible problems and give better support.
  • Improved brush performance, painting speed and morphing speed.
  • Texture Transformer Version 2 comes FREE inside of the PRO-7 and has been improved to support cr2, duf, pz2 and mc6 files that do not need to be applied to the original source figure and saved first. And, batch options for faster character texture transformations.
  • Images for Layers / Stacked - just like your favorite 2D paint application! Create any number of layers.
  • Concave shading, convex highlighting and normalize display modes for the "Selection Touchup Brush."
  • Quick Render View was updated to be faster.
  • Unlimited presets and display groups in PRO (limited only by your computer). Presets and display groups limited to three in the Standard edition.
  • MAT, MOR, CR2, DUF and texture exports.
  • Projection Paint tool that integrates with your 2d paint software.
  • Chisel & Hammer Sculpting/Morphing Tools to sculpt your models on the fly just like paint brushes and see the changes immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no PRO upgrade options for the Standard editions. Standard-6 users can upgrade to Standard-7 and then to Pro-7. Standard-6 users who have also bought Texture Transformer version 1 please contact us by email at to get a special coupon if interested in buying Pro-7. For any other questions or support, please also contact using the email address.

The Chisel & Hammer tools give CG artists the power to sculpt fine details or make big changes. Optimized to work with existing model topology, these tools enable users to carve details where it was previously not possible with simple brush strokes. For example, the Contour Chisel allows the artist to simply draw curves and the model's surface conforms to that shape. Carve new details that were thought impossible until now. This whole new class of tools makes Blacksmith3D a massively powerful and intuitive morphing solution. Blacksmith3D's morphing functionality utilizes 'Soft Selections' allowing object to be deformed with ease. The hotter portions of the object deform the most and the cooler parts deform the least. In this way, you can easily create smooth and continuous morphs with little effort. Why pay $800 (or even more) for other software that does what Blacksmith3D does for a fraction of the price?

Use the "Paint Setup Wizard" to automatically UV map an object for painting textures with the click of a button. Then just drop it into your scene. This entire process can be done in under 2 minutes! Don't waste time manually UV mapping background objects and props when they are not even going to be seen up close. The auto-UV map feature does not create a UV map that can be used outside of Blacksmith3D but works well for making fast texture maps. Prefer to paint in Photoshop or GIMP, but want true 3D painting capabilities? Use the "Projection Brush" to create high resolution "snapshots" and paint directly on them in your 2D application of choice. Reload the snapshot into Blacksmith3D and apply the changes. Works across UV seams and map boundaries naturally!

Here are some examples of the stunning results 3D artist have gotten using Blacksmith3D Pro.


"For both pros and students, I highly recommend this package. It was simple and intuitive to use Blacksmith3D with no complex hoop-jumping to load and save models or to load and save images. It just worked! Many of these hidden gems do incredible work but at a fraction of the cost of their brand-name counterparts! This is one of those hidden gems." - Timothy Albee, veteran of Walt Disney Feature Animation

"... In all honesty, I used to use [another software] for texturing as well as modeling, but when I got my hands on Blacksmith-Paint I never looked back, your tutorials are fantastic and the interface is very easy to understand so I am happy to praise the software all I can." - Amy G. Florida, USA

"...the sheer awesomeness of Blacksmith3D is hard to describe. I used to get all shaken and stressed with having to deal with seams. Now? Pfft! I don't even worry about them. I can precisely place tattoos and other details across seams without breaking a sweat. It's the second tool I reach for when I'm starting to build a skin, right after Photoshop which is where I lay the base down." - Laura Haskell

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